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Fracking 3 article

Fracking criticism spreads, even in Alberta and Texas

Debate over the controversial resource-extraction practice of fracking is growing, even in the oil-based strongholds of Alberta and Texas. One opponent is waiting to learn whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear her arguments....

Norway satoil arctic drilling article

Bill C-22 would rewrite the rules for oil spill cleanups

Concern is growing around Bill C-22, which would change the rules around oil spill cleanups. The technology for cleaning up oil spills, such as using chemical dispersants, is not widely understood, and its impact on Arctic waters has yet to be fully debated....

Tp cyclone yasi australia r article

Cyclone Yasi could be Australia's worst ever

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has been upgraded to Category 5 strength — the maximum rating — as it barrels towards the coast of northeastern Australia, prompting the premier of Queensland to warn of "catastrophic" damage to come....

Canada article

Cold weather isn't going away, forecasters warn

As Atlantic Canada suffers through a massive spring storm, people in other parts of the country can take heart that they’re being spared the high winds, driving rain and snowfall seen throughout the region Wednesday. But they shouldn't get too comfortable: the cold weather is not behind us yet....

Weather radar jan 13 2015 article

Schools delayed with messy weather conditions

Blowing snow and slippery conditions on P.E.I. have delayed the opening of schools....

Wea ont article

Tornado tears through Angus, Ont., damaging homes

A tornado blew out windows, tore up fences and sheared off the tops of homes, but caused no serious injuries when it ripped through the central Ontario community of Angus on Tuesday evening....

Hi 852 toronto weather cp0 article

Toronto breaks 74-year-old temperature record

Toronto set a record on Thursday for the warmest March 22 and came close to setting the record for the warmest March day ever....

Hi 852 hot weather cp028361 article

Extreme heat blankets Ontario, Quebec

Demands for electricity are hitting seasonal highs as temperatures continue to soar across Ontario and Quebec, yet warnings to conserve energy aren't being issued as they used to be....

Tree limbs 584 article

Rare 'frost quake' phenomenon bewilders Greater Toronto Area ...

Dec 27, 2013 ... ... cryoseisms usually "occur when temperatures go from above to below freezing, " says CBC News meteorologist Michelle Leslie. "Water in the ......

Hi 852 heat kids cbc article

Ontario heat breaks records

An earlier-than-usual arrival of sweltering, summer-like heat and humidity broke records for major cities in southern Ontario on Wednesday....